Linha Silos

Mossinger is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality silos, designed for the safe and efficient storage of agricultural and industrial products. Our silos are recognized for their durability and advanced technology, ensuring protection against weather and pests. With a variety of sizes and models, we offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, optimizing storage and maximizing productivity. Choose Mossinger for robust and reliable storage.

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Linha Drying System

Our drying line consists of three essential elements: the Grain Dryer, the Furnace, and the Chip Feeding Hopper.

The Grain Dryer is designed to provide efficient drying without compromising the quality of the grains, thus ensuring a high-quality end product. Depending on the client's needs and environmental regulations, the dryer can be equipped with a cyclone filter to control emissions and maintain compliance with environmental standards.

The Chip Feeding Hopper plays a crucial role in transporting the grains to the furnace, where the drying process takes place. It is responsible for ensuring a continuous and adequate flow of grains to the furnace, thus optimizing the time and efficiency of the process.

The Furnace, in turn, maintains the ideal temperature during the drying process, contributing to energy efficiency and preserving the quality of the grains. It is designed to ensure a controlled and suitable environment for the drying process.

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Linha Grain cleaning machines

At Mossinger, our grain cleaning machines provide efficient and precise pre-cleaning and post-cleaning. The pre-cleaning machines remove coarse impurities, while the post-cleaning machines eliminate fine particles and remaining residues. Built with durable materials and advanced technology, our solutions ensure high-quality grains, catering to small producers and large agricultural operations alike. Choose Mossinger for superior and reliable grain cleaning.

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Linha Grain conveyors

Mossinger offers a complete line of grain conveyors, including screw conveyors, elevators, and belts. Screw conveyors are ideal for short and medium distances, ensuring continuous and uniform transport. Elevators allow quick and safe vertical movement of large grain volumes. Belt conveyors are perfect for horizontal and inclined transport over long distances, offering high capacity and smooth operation.

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Linha Metal structures

The metal structures line offers a variety of warehouses (grain storage, tipping, and machine houses) that are adaptable to each client's individual needs, along with the Expedition Base for Silos, which is responsible for facilitating the logistics of transportation and distribution of products, ensuring efficiency in movement and inventory control.

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Linha Services

The Mossinger Group specializes in offering integrated and sustainable solutions for the industry and agriculture sectors. Our services include the civil construction of storage units, ensuring robust and efficient structures for grain storage. Additionally, we perform high-quality electrical installations, ensuring safety and energy efficiency in all projects. We also focus on the reconditioning of used products, promoting a circular economy and reducing environmental impacts.

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Linha Spare Parts

Spare parts range in Ø150, Ø200, Ø240, and Ø320, offering a range of options to meet the specific needs of different equipment and systems. These parts ensure the maintenance and continuous operation of machines and structures, providing efficiency and durability over time.

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